Putting our collection in context

Information Sheets

Our downloadable sheets offer a less technical view of our exhibits and useful back story – what they were, how and where they were used, and any significance attached to this.

We cover some of the Museum’s most important and interesting exhibits, which includes static exhibits in the grounds of the Waterworks Museum. 

1851 Simpson Beam Engine

Identical to the engine installed in Broomy Hill in 1856

Tangye Steam Cylinder Steam Engine

Used at the Hereford Sanitary Laundry

Glenfield & Kennedy Sand Washer

Used at Broomy Hill water treatment works

Blake Compound RAM Pump

Used to supply water at Tedstone Court, near Bromyard

Lucy Box

 The distribution box that brought electric power to the Lower Pumping Station in 1914

Overshot Waterwheel

the artefact that dominates the Museum’s grounds

How clean water improved the health of the people of Herefordshire

Wilson Hartnell 110v Dynamo

This dynamo was originally used to generate electricity over 100 years ago

Sisson Instructional Engine Set

This engine was used to train students and apprentice engineers in the efficient use of steam power

Broomy Hill Water Tower

Built to supply piped water to Aylestone Hill and other higher parts of the city, the Italianate tower was completed in 1883

Kington Water Supply and the Gilkes-Francis turbine

Installed at the Crooked Well pumping station, this turbine supplied Kington's water